And, our mission statement has changed a little…

2 years ago in June, KBP Cares went live! A board was created.  A website company was hired. (Then fired) – we can talk about that over a happy hour! An application was created and mulled over and over and over again.  A lot of work went into creating this little baby of ours and we are pretty proud of it.

Our Mission was: “To provide HOPE and encouragement in times of critical hardship through financial grants to employees within the KBP Foods family.”  In April 2016 I took over as President of the KBP Cares. As I have been finding my way within this public 501(c)3 charity of ours I realize that our “Mission” within KBP Cares is to “provide support, relief, and HOPE.”  I believe that these three words matter within KBP Cares.  When emergencies occur, having “support” is essential. In 2016, KBP Cares hired their first dedicated Advocate to support our KBP Family when they submitted an application. I know on this side of KBP Cares, our advocate was essential and feedback we received mirrored that thought.  “Relief” is the feeling someone is able to experience when they are told that KBP Cares will pay their rent for a month or two because the hardship they experienced caused them to spend their rent money.  We hear the “relief” on the other end of the phone line.  “HOPE!” is the goal.  There is light on the other side of the tunnel.

At KBP Cares, our mission is to provide relief in times of critical hardship, support when there is nowhere else to turn and HOPE through financial grants to employees within the KBP Foods family.

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