It’s that time of year again when we reflect on our blessings. The mission of KBP Cares is to be a blessing to others so this note isn’t hard for me to write. As of last Friday we had given 22k in the month of November! KBP Cares has been a blessing… check!

First, I want to thank our managers and our trainers at KBP Foods.  You present the KBP Cares opportunity to every new hire during orientation.  You are incredibly valuable to Cares and to the families that receive the grants. Thank you for your passion during your presentation of our program. We know that our charity can be complex and you do a magnificent job in presenting it with heart.  Thank you!

Second, Thank You to the people of KBP that choose to donate at least ONE DOLLAR per pay period, knowing that one dollar is cutting into their livelihood and they still heard the calling of charity. I promise you, every family that has received a KBP Cares grant thanks you from the bottom of their heart.  YOU are making a difference, you save lives…we hear this daily.

Third, I am very thankful to Mike Kulp, my husband. KBP Cares was his baby. He knew there was a huge need for this program and went to great lengths to make this a reality. He used to come home with some of the worst stories that he would hear on the road. There were so many and the company couldn’t help them all. I am honored that he, along with the rest of the KBP Foods leadership group looked to me when they needed someone to lead this program.

For me, KBP Cares is “what it’s all about!” Our company preaches about our culture of caring, which is why we support many different charities that are incredibly deserving of every penny they receive. KBP Cares is about YOU, our employees- Our Team Members, our shift managers, managers, area coaches and their immediate families! Cares is here when you go through a medical emergency, a natural disaster like that punk Irma or Harvey or even when you have a landlord that is messing with you. KBP Cares is a special organization because YOU choose to support each other!  You support people you don’t even know and that is awesome.

Fourth, I am thankful for Kristen, our KBP Cares advocate.  She takes every application personally and advocates for each and every person as if they were her mother or father.  I know she takes her work home with her each night and worries about each applicant and how they are doing. She is the perfect person for this position.

Today, I pray for each of us. That we can be grateful for what we have.  Our families will gather around a table, close our eyes and hold hands to tell each other what we are thankful for.  May we all feel peace, love, and thankfulness in that moment.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Stephanie Kulp
President, KBP Cares