The KBP Cares program helped me and my family get back on our feet. I’m very thankful and gracious and here to say that I’m glad that there’s a program out here like this, for people who are really in need like me and my family. I cannot express more how great this program is, it’s a lifesaver, it is a sense of comfort when you’re in a bad situation and most of all I feel it’s a blessing. The program saved me from going into foreclosure with my mortgage, it’s saved me from getting my power cut off but most of all it gives you peace of mind when you’re going through a bad moment allowing you to get back on your feet. Thanks to everyone that donates to this program because, without their help, me and my family wouldn’t have the Peace of Mind that we have because of KBP Cares. Thank You, Thank You. It is great to know that the program does look after you and your family like it says it does, and most of all for being the great family that they are.

-Kristel M.