At KBP Foods, our employees are family.  KBP Cares, one of our proudest accomplishments, was established in 2015 with the intent of helping employees in times of critical hardship through financial grants.  KBP Cares was “years in the making!”

Stephanie Kulp, Michael Kulp’s (President/CEO of KBP Food’s) wife, says that she remembers the night that Mike came home from a trip from a work trip and several homeless employees were seeking shelter in one of his stores while they were off work.  It was the middle of winter and Mike had said that this was one of the so many examples where he wanted to ask his boss if they could help these people out.  The problem is that there is so much red tape around situations like this.  That night Mike sat down and said: “We have to come up with a program, a charity, that the company can legally help our people in emergency situations!”  That was THE MOMENT that sparked KBP Cares.  KBP Foods didn’t even exist yet and it wouldn’t for at least 4 more years.

What you think about, you bring about!

KBP Cares is a Public 501(c)3 Employee Assistance Program that is supported by KBP Foods.  This is a program that is available to every employee at KBP Foods and KBP Cafe’s the minute they are hired, whether or not they choose to donate. If they endure one of our 4 qualifying circumstances and that causes them the inability to pay for their necessary living expenses then they are qualified to receive a KBP Cares grant which will pay their bills directly.   We have always had 4 qualifying circumstances which were:

  1. Natural disasters – anything caused by weather
  2. Severe Illness or Injury
  3. The Death of an Employee, Spouse or dependent
  4. Extreme Circumstances

If one of our employees endure one of these situations and it causes them the inability to afford their basic living needs then they apply to KBP Cares and KBP Cares will review their application and if they are approved, we will pay their bills directly to the vendors. For example, we will pay their rent payment to their landlord, their electric bill directly to their electric company, childcare to their daycare facility!

**Recently, we have made some changes to our application and we have narrowed down our qualifying circumstances to TWO CATEGORIES:

  1. Emergency Disaster Relief: (Natural Disasters – anything that pertains to weather) and Fire.
  2. Emergency Hardship Relief: (short term illness, severe injury, abuse, violent crimes, death in the family, spouse loss of job)

As for the application– We’ve changed the platform so that the applicant 1.  doesn’t time out while applying, 2.  can put it down and pick it up later and finish it 3.  the application is now “app friendly” 3.  We can add it across several platforms. 4. many more reasons 🙂

It’s KBP Care’s goal to make the application process easier! We always welcome your feedback!

It is KBP Care’s mission to provide Support when it seems like there is nowhere to turn! To provide financial Relief so that you can begin to heal and finally provide HOPE!