It’s been a tough year for everyone, especially our kids. Schools were virtual, and learning was interrupted. The KBP Cares summer enrichment program’s goal is to keep learning going through the summer by financially helping the kids of KBP employees attend a camp/class. This program will not pay for childcare but will be reserved for camps or classes to extend learning into the summer. Unfortunately, since we have limited funds for this, we can only award a small number of scholarships; therefore, one camp will be allowed per child until the funds are spent, then the program will end.

In order to qualify, families will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Income level
  2. Age of the child applying for assistance
  3. Type of camp the child wishes to attend

Please note*

If the application is awarded a grant the payment will be sent directly to the organization.

Email Kristen at with any questions about this program.