“KBP Cares came through for me in a time where I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. So many negative things have happened to me within these past few months on top of my city having a water crisis. In July 2018, it just seemed that everything came crashing down when the city turned my water off. With hours being scarce at work I knew I couldn’t pay the amount needed to turn it back on and that just put even more weight on my shoulder. I cried so many times because I didn’t know what else to do, no one had money that I could borrow, my state could only do so much but it wasn’t enough…but then my manager at work told me about KBP Cares and I filled out the application praying and hoping that they could help me out. Mrs. Kristen contacted me shortly after and she was such a blessing helping me through this entire ordeal, because I was at a point where I was ready to give up. KBP Cares showed me that they actually do care and when I got the email saying that my application was approved I couldn’t do anything else but cry…and I just want to say thank you to KBP Cares you guys are awesome and amazing people, thank you so much!”- KBP Cares recipient, Aug 2018

Repeated hardships caused this KBP Employee to turn to KBP Cares…

I greatly appreciate that KBP Cares stepped in with the assistance they gave me during my time out of work. I never had surgery before nor been in hospital. I never had to depend on anyone to help pay my bills. When I tell you how much help you were to me when my lights were to be turned off and rent was past due…I didn’t know how I was going to pay for everything without one of them being shut off or me having to move. I truly thank KBP Cares for helping me keep it together. – Sebrena

Sebrena thanks KBP Cares

I just want to thank KBP Cares for the help that they gave me. I am a single mother of a 5-year-old boy and I was on the verge of losing my house. KBP Cares is a great program and even if you donate as little as $1 out of your check, it helps out families in need when they are facing a hardship like mine. I will always be grateful for the help they gave me and saved me from being homeless again. This is a great program for people to be involved in. Thank you KBP Cares for the help you provided.

Samantha Noel

KBP Cares helps a mom after surgery

“I just want to say thank you to KBP Cares for the help! I can’t wait to get back to work after fully recovering from the wreck, KBP is a great company and place to work. I appreciate the support you provided, which allowed me to take care of my family.”

-Hyde Mooney

A bad car accident keeps one of our employees from being able to pay her bills.

“This money is going to be used to get my family off the ground. If I had a chance to speak to the KBP Cares board I would say “thank you” for giving me this opportunity to feel like I can be the head of my household again and be there for my family. This is a great chance to start again. This is a great company that will help their own in the time of need. Thank you once again.”

– wanted to stay anonymous

Single Mom of 4 with Heel Spurs, can’t work until they heal! KBP Cares helps pay their​ bills.

“This grant will give my family and I the opportunity to be able to get back on track in supporting our household. There have been plenty of days I just wondered how we would be able to afford Danny’s medications or mine and still pay for gas. I was so worried about my car that is due to be inspected. I am so grateful to every one of you who helped.  I am so blessed to be a part of such a loving and caring business family. Thank you!”

-Latonya McIntyre

November 3, 2016

With an extremely sick husband, KBP Cares helped Latonya get her family back on track.

KBP Cares…. In a matter of one day, my life was forever changed. In January of 2015 I went to the doctor for my routine checkup and within a short time was told that I had breast cancer and needed chemo and radiation. At first, it was disbelief but then reality set in. Rather than being worried about my illness, all I could think about was how I was going to provide for my husband and I as I am the sole provider because he is disabled. I was turned down for short-term disability and I had to wait for 90 days for long-term disability to kick in. I tried to work so that my family would not suffer, but I physically couldn’t do it.

At this point, I didn’t feel like I had anywhere to turn. This is where KBP Cares came to my rescue and gave me hope to be able to fight this disease. It was due to the generosity of the caring people in the company that allowed me the opportunity to focus on fighting cancer and getting well again. The program allowed me peace of mind with the grant that was provided that paid my monthly bills. The weight was lifted off my shoulders. To this day, I cannot put into words how I feel about this foundation the team in KBP for making KBP Cares available for our family.

FYI…It’s been a year since I finished treatment and I am a SURVIVOR!!! Without it, I don’t believe I would have beat the Cancer.

Thank you to KBP CARES!

– Lisa Reynoldson, 2015

Lisa Reynoldson
Lisa when she received the “all clear!”

In a matter of one day, her life changed! KBP Cares allowed her to focus on surviving!

“Thank you so much. You don’t know how KBP Cares just made my day. I truly appreciate this from the bottom of my heart. I hope other employees in my area won’t be afraid or feel ashamed to ask for help and understand that you guys are there for your employees. This money will make a difference in my situation because I won’t have to sacrifice money from my next check to put aside for surgery. If I was face to face with the people in our company, I would most likely cry and thank them for this blessing. I’ve sat plenty of days in pain and wondered when will it all be over and KBP Cares stepped in. Thank you. I am forever grateful!
-Octaivia Harrison”


In desperate need of surgery and with no insurance – Ms. Harrison turned to KBP Cares for help.


“Thanks a lot for the help you gave. At first, I was just going to give up on the program. But I stuck with it cause I believed that it was going to happen, KBP was going to give me money for my injury and the time I was off. Now I believe in the program. It is real and helps people in hard times. Thank you KBP Cares, I really appreciate the help in my time of need.”

Amenta 2016

An unexpected surgery on our Shift Managers hand left her unable to work for weeks! KBP Cares stepped in!

“This is just a short note to thank you all for your generosity.  When we had our fire we lost everything we owned. We didn’t even have shoes to wear to work the next day! Because of generous people like you we were able to get clothing, housing and food. Until you lose everything you never really will be able to comprehend the magnitude of the effect on your life. We started literally from nothing! My daughter and I are active in our community helping out wherever the need is and I’m so thankful those values were instilled in me and I, in turn, instilled them in my daughter. We are truly appreciative of everything you have done during this trying time in our lives.
With gratitude,
-Sonja and Garia Dates”

Mother and Daughter lost everything in a fire, KBP Cares is there to help!