We understand that filling out applications stink!  Look at it this way – The more thorough you are in filling out this application, the faster your advocate will be able to process your paperwork, write up your story and submit your entire file to the Allocation Committee.  The Allocation Committee is the committee that decides whether or not you will receive your grant money or not!

Here are a few tips…

  1. Review the qualifications for a KBP Cares Grant!  Do you qualify?
  2. Tell the truth!!! If you were behind on your payments prior to this hardship occurring – discuss it with your advocate and see if there is a way to work around it.


Typical stuff –  who are you, where do you live and how can we contact you! Fill it out.

app required info page 1

If more than 4 people live with you – add that information later when you can type out what happened…

Next, you will be asked if you exhausted all other options before applying with KBP Cares.  If you didn’t, this won’t keep us from processing the application.  We will direct you their way so that you can maximize your opportunities! If you didn’t apply, check “NO”

application 2 did they try everything else

On the next page, you will have to check the box determining which type of grant you are applying.

A. Emergency Disaster Relief or B. Emergency Hardship Relief

Type of Grant

When you click on the desired assistance you will need – you will then be taken to the pertinent questions you will need to answer from here on out.



For example: If there was a fire in your home – KBP Cares is here for you right away. Our disaster relief is here to assist you with shelter, food, clothing – immediate assistance.  An applicant cannot wait 90 days and ask for assistance with a fire and say they need food because they were in a fire.  Disaster relief is immediate relief.**


Disaster Relief 1

This is the section that you should be if you’ve been through a major storm or house fire.  Immediately fill this out and tell us exactly what happened.  Tell us what area of the home or what items are damaged and how much you are requesting.  An Item that can be damaged can be an “automobile”.  Tell us what happened with the car and attach the bids to fix it and your insurance information, if you have it.  KBP Cares does not purchase cars but we will assist the best we can.

Emergency Hardship Relief

emergency hardship

Fill in the date that the hardship or emergency occurred and tell us which category it fell into.  Define the qualifying expense that you are trying to recoup.  Is it the rent, water, gas, electric, car payment? What was the balance prior to the event, what is the balance now?

emergency relief

Again, what happened?  Be detailed! Define the actual event that occurred that caused you to not be able to pay for your living expenses.  So many times we receive these applications and we never know what actually happened!

Here you can upload your paperwork to support your application.

Personal Income

Since we are a 501(c)(3) – two things have to happen for the Allocation Committee to approve a grant.  1. There has to have been a Qualified Hardship that occurred. 2. The applicant has to pass a “Needs Based Test.” This is why your advocate will ask for you to prove that you cannot afford your basic living expenses due to the qualified hardship you experienced.

monthly expenses 1.pngmonthly expenses 2.png

This is the section that you fill out your Monthly Expenses.  Type out how much you pay per month for each category and who you pay.  KBP Cares will provide gift certificates or pay vendor/ creditors directly on your behalf. Therefore, this information is extremely helpful.  Take the time to fill it out, if you can.

monies owed to

Financial Assistance:

Here is where you tell us who you owe your basic living expenses to and upon approval we will send them the money you owe them, right away!  Fill this section out completely!

Finally, you will need to review sign your application – depending on what device you are using – if you are on an Ipad – use your finger or use the mouse on the computer.  Don’t forget to give us permission to tell your story if you are approved!

KBP Cares has helped hundreds of families over the last 2 years. One of the best ways we help families is to constantly remind our KBP Family that we are here ready to take applications when emergencies strike.

IF you have questions while you are filling out your application, email hope@kbpcares.org or call 913-356-6300.



The KBP Cares Team